Prostitution in Oregon

HB3088, currently in committee, was introduced in February 2021 by Representative Rob Nosse. It decriminalizes both the sale and purchase of sex, repealing most of the “Prostitution and Related Offenses” section of Oregon’s criminal law, specifically Prostitution (§ 167.007), Commercial Sexual Solicitation (§ 167.008), and Promoting Prostitution (§ 167.012). The only law from that section remaining on the books would then be Compelling Prostitution (§ 167.017). The bill also amends the entirety of Oregon’s Revised Statutes to remove or edit mention of prostitution laws; notably, prostitution convictions would no longer be grounds for eviction under § 90.396 nor would they be a bar to employment in schools under § 342.143 or residential home care under § 443.004. HB3088 would not only end the criminalization of sex work in Oregon, but it would remove barriers to housing and employment for those already criminalized.

Last updated: 2021-03-12