This application process involves four phases that are described here. Please do not engage in phases 2, 3, or 4 unless invited to do so. Thank you for your interest in decriminalizing consensual adult prostitution in the U.S. Please click here to see the job description.


Please submit your cover letter and resume — no more than two pages each — in PDF or Word format via at your earliest convenience. Because a DSW staffer will be processing incoming documents on a rolling basis, the sooner you apply, the sooner you’d move through the application process.

In the SUBJECT LINE of the email you’ll be sending to, please include the word “application.”

In your COVER LETTER, be sure to address the following:
* Please include your email address somewhere near the top or bottom.
* How did you learn about the job opening?
What’s your most significant experience that relates to the job? (Experience with sex-work advocacy or sex work generally is not necessary.)
* How soon would you be able to start working?
If you don’t live in Austin, would you prefer to stay in your current location, move to Austin, or neither?

Please do not follow up with anyone on the DSW staff to inquire about your status. Instead, an auto-responder will confirm that your pair of documents was received, and a real person at DSW will email you a substantive response within 7 calendar days after you’ve submitted your documents.


Candidates who succeed in phase #1 above will be asked to submit an additional written document that’s relevant to the job. (This will be specified later.)


Candidates who succeed in phase #2 above will be asked to participate in a 20-minute phone interview with a DSW staffer.


Candidates who succeed in phase #3 above will be asked to do a Zoom interview.

If hired, the start date can be a fair bit flexible, but starting nearly ASAP is preferred.

Thank you for your interest in Decriminalize Sex Work.

The handful of applicants who succeed during the first three phases of this interview process will be invited to do an “in person” interview via Zoom/Skype sometime in the second half of August.

The application deadline for new job applicants is August 8.

Please note the following:

  * The Phase #3 phone interviews are scheduled for the first half of August.

  * If invited, the five or so finalists will be doing the Phase #4 interviews in the second half of August, to take place via Zoom (even for applicants who live in Austin).

  * DSW plans to make a job offer within 48 hours after the last Zoom/Skype interview takes place.

  * The applicant who accepts the job offer can choose to start working at DSW anytime in September.

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