“Black Trans Lives Matter!!” Rally at Washington Square Park

Protesters stand for justice for black trans women at Washington Square Park in New York City on May 24.

May 24: New York Transgender Advocacy Group (NYTAG) held a rally in Washington Square Park to honor the three black trans women who were killed this year within a span of eight days. DSW stands in solidarity with trans women of color who are fighting and dying on the front lines of the war against sex workers. We joined a coalition of organizations in New York to draw attention to violence against members of the trans community, many of whom are impacted by the criminalization and increased surveillance of the sex trade.

When we listen to sex workers and stop the arrests, we free up marginalized members of our community to advocate for safer working conditions and enable them to report violence against them, reducing the violence. Decriminalizing sex work is a crucial first step toward creating a society in which we are all free to be our authentic selves without shame or stigma.

On Memorial Day Weekend, Trans Lives Remembered (Gay City News, May 26, 2019)