The Crime Report: On Sex Work with Ariela Moscowitz

The Crime Report launches its inaugural episode by discussing the complexities of sex work in the American criminal justice system. Does policing consensual adult sex work really keep sex workers safe, or does it just expose them to more dangerous situations?

Ariela Moscowitz of Decriminalize Sex Work joins Isidro Rodrigues to answer this question and more.

You’re Wrong About: Porn Wars w. Nona Willis Aronowitz

This episode takes “a field trip to Times Square with Nona Willis Aronowitz, author of Bad Sex, to learn about Deep Throat, ‘porno chic,’ and the unresolved feminist battle over whether to eradicate pornography or make more of it. Digressions include Carol Clover, this discovery of the clitoris, and Harry Reems (Joel Reems’ distant cousin).”

They Talk Sex, with Elle Stanger

Certified Sex Educator, adult entertainer, decriminalization advocate, and DSW ally, Elle Stanger hosts weekly guests to discuss common sexuality topics, including non-monogamy, STI’s, sex education, jealousy, pleasure, relationships, sex work and more.

Aella: Libertarian Sex Worker Turned Data Scientist

Meet Aella, the daughter of evangelical Christians, turned sex worker, turned data scientist. Reason’s Liz Wolfe interviewed Aella for a wide-ranging conversation about everything from how sex work made her a better data scientist to why many successful practitioners in her industry are selling not only sex but also the personal connections that so many of us are missing in our lives.

Running Red-Lights: The History of Sex Work in San Antonio

San Antonio had one of the busiest red-light districts in the country, where brothels and other vice businesses thrived. Running Red-Lights is a limited series podcast from Texas Public Radio about the history of sex work in San Antonio. The journalists uncover the women who ran the industry, but who weren’t allowed to make history.

Running Red-Lights: Survival to Security

From Texas Public Radio, this is episode four of a miniseries examining sex work and San Antonio’s historic red light district. In the shadow of Texas’s new law making it a felony to buy of sexual services, this episode asks “How do changing laws impact the day to day lives of sex workers? And where is the line drawn between work and trafficking?”