The Crime Report: On Sex Work with Ariela Moscowitz

The Crime Report launches its inaugural episode by discussing the complexities of sex work in the American criminal justice system. Does policing consensual adult sex work really keep sex workers safe, or does it just expose them to more dangerous situations?

Ariela Moscowitz of Decriminalize Sex Work joins Isidro Rodrigues to answer this question and more.

You’re Wrong About: Human Trafficking

This episode examines how NGOs, activists, and George W. Bush resurrected the ‘stranger danger’ panic for the modern era. The commentators use cited research to distinguish myth from reality and demonstrate how orchestrated moralist zealots are actually harming trafficked people and voluntary adult sex workers.

Reply All: No More Safe Harbor (SESTA/FOSTA)

After the government passed SESTA/FOSTA and shut down, Reply All investigated the consequences and spoke with a group of people who say that was a huge mistake.