DSW Ranks Presidential Candidates

February 6, 2020

In light of the recent poll by Data for Progress, revealing that a majority of US voters support the decriminalization of consensual, adult prostitution, it is clear that sex work policy reform has become a national issue. Many Democratic primary candidates have expressed “openness to the decriminalization of sex work.” Others position themselves under what they describe as decriminalization but, in effect, ranges from prohibition-style criminalization to government regulation. Others have failed to voice an opinion on this critical issue.

DSW has released its report card grading each candidate on whether and how they intend to protect the safety and health of sex workers. We assigned grades to each candidate based on their stated policy positions, voting records, public statements, and private conversations.

Reason magazine featured DSW’s rankings in an article by Elizabeth Nolan Brown. To see how the democratic primary candidates stack up on these issues, visit DSW’s page here.

“Girls Do Porn” Was a Crime Ring, Not a Porn Site, Industry Experts Say

October 16, 2019

“Girls Do Porn’’ Was a Crime Ring, Not a Porn Site, Industry Experts Say (VICE, October 16, 2019)

DSW’s Kaytlin Bailey is quoted:

“To pretend that this is what the entire porn industry is like denigrates exactly the people that they claim to be speaking for,” Kaytlin Bailey, communications director for advocacy group Decriminalize Sex Work, said. “[The women suing Girls Do Porn] are not speaking for porn actors, they are speaking for those of us who feel trapped in the gig economy. … Porn isn't the problem; it’s exploitation, with which this entire economy is rife.”

DSW in the News

September 19: DSW’s Kaytlin Bailey was invited onto Newsmax TV with John Tobacco and Frank Morano to chat about sex work, Robert Kraft, and why handcuffs almost never help.

September 22: Kaytlin Bailey appeared on “Morano in the Morning” to expand on the Robert Kraft case, why it matters for sex workers’ rights, and field calls from listeners.

September 30: “No Such Thing As Love,” a podcast hosted by Jesse Jolles and Claire Burns (two hilarious writers, comedians, and outspoken feminists), invited Kaytlin Bailey to come speak about her own experiences in sex work, confront stereotypes and stigma, and explain why decriminalization is the answer for the health, safety, and human rights of women everywhere. Listen here.