Communications Manager

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Communications Manager
Decriminalize Sex Work

This job opening was announced on July 8, 2022.

Decriminalize Sex Work (DSW) is the largest organization whose mission is to decriminalize consensual adult prostitution (and other forms of adult sex work) in the United States.

DSW’s team is composed of 10 employees; paid lobbyists in a handful of state capitals; and grantees who are sex workers, sex-work advocates, and related organizations. DSW’s 10 paid staffers are currently located in NYC, Austin, Denver, Miami, and Washington, D.C. Not surprisingly, the new Communications Manager (CM) would need to be based somewhere in the continental U.S.

Most importantly, the CM needs to be a nearly perfect writer and a nearly perfect proofreader.  (This refers to the mechanics of writing, rather than possessing a flare for creative writing.)

The CM’s overarching mission is to work with DSW’s Communications Director to conceptualize, personally execute, and manage DSW’s traditional public relations and online properties.

DSW’s work and the CM’s personal efforts generally fall into two categories: (1) improving public opinion by destigmatizing consensual adult prostitution nationwide; and (2) improving state laws by enacting partial measures that will lead to the ultimate goal of enacting decriminalization laws.

In addition, the CM would ideally possess the following skills, attributes, and experience when starting their tenure at DSW, but DSW isn’t expecting anyone to possess literally all of these skills.  So if you possess some of these skills and are interested in applying, please do!

* Generating news coverage?

* Serving as a spokesperson?

* Managing consultants, vendors, and projects?  (This could have been at for-profit businesses, nonprofit organizations, political campaigns, or elsewhere.)

* Working to change state and/or federal laws of any kind?  (This could have been in the capacity of strategist, lobbyist, spokesperson, or another high-level position in the political arena.)

* Possessing the emotional bandwidth to handle controversy?  (While DSW’s work is viewed as inherently controversial, there are also controversies with opponents and allies within that framework.)

* Having some knowledge of the public policies and/or societal aspects of consensual sex work and/or human trafficking?


As a support-level DSW staffer, the CM is tasked with accomplishing all of the following, in concert with DSW’s Communications Director.

1. Traditional public relations

Virtually any method of generating news falls within the CM’s ambit:
* writing, disseminating, and pitching news releases
* ditto for opinion pieces (whether signed by DSW staffers or others)
* news conferences
* media “stunts”
* paid ads (such as billboards) that are intended to generate news coverage

In some cases, this PR work is reactive, such as providing DSW’s perspective on a newly released government report.  In other cases, the PR is proactive in the furtherance of promoting DSW’s work, such as announcing the passage of legislation or promoting a top-10 list of supportive celebrities.

The CM isn’t expected to be the sole creative force for these projects.  Rather, DSW’s Communications Director and other staffers collaboratively conceive of and execute the organization’s public relations, with the CM playing a major role in executing PR projects.

The CM is also responsible for ensuring that the following bureaucratic tasks are accomplished on a rolling basis:
* maintaining various lists of media contacts; and
* monitoring the news.

2. Educational Materials

DSW is committed to its ongoing production of one-pagers and short videos that clarify various aspects of the prostitution issue, such as summarizing other countries’ laws, the public-health advantages of decriminalization, the reasons for why feminists should support rather than oppose decriminalization, and so forth.

The content for these one-pagers is produced by varying combinations of people – DSW staffers, outside academics, and other subject-matter experts.  In addition, outside graphic designers produce the graphics and overall layout of the one-pagers.

3. Ensuring consistency

The CM’s purview is solely composed of outward-facing materials, rather than internal organizational “communications.”

Inherent in the production of the outward-facing materials is the need to ensure consistency — consistency of messaging, and consistency of appearance.

For example, DSW prefers to use certain terms and phrases, while others are avoided. Also, the look of DSW’s output should be consistent, otherwise known as “branding.”

4. Online/Digital Communications

The CM is partially responsible for ensuring that DSW’s PR efforts are reflected in the organization’s online properties:
* DSW’s website (www.DecriminalizeSex.Work) and subsidiary web sites
* monthly newsletter to DSW’s national email list
* DSW’s Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages

5. BONUS: Technical Aspects of Online/Digital Communications

The CM’s functions are intended to fit within the normal parameters of what a liberal-arts graduate could expect to work on.  But it would be a bonus if the CM is also capable of any of the following tasks:
* Manage DSW’s online advertising (and measure the effectiveness thereof).
* Manage the organization’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts.
* Manage any niche grants that DSW might receive for online ads.

Skills and Tasks Not Required

The CM need not have any of the following skills:
* graphic design
* videography
* creative writing (such as storyboards or scripts for videos)
* mastery of DSW’s subject matter
* public speaking
* fundraising
* information technology
* event planning (except for news conferences)
* legislative drafting (or lawyering generally)

And the CM is also not responsible for doing the following:
* lobbying or testifying before legislative bodies
* seeking news coverage outside the U.S.
* educating people on the “retail” level (such as group meetings)


The CM’s initial annual salary will be between $40,000 and $50,000, depending on experience, with an annual raise of $1,000 to $5,000 triggered each January. In addition, DSW provides four benefits to all employees:

1. HEALTH INSURANCE: If an employee doesn’t already have health insurance through a spouse or other means, DSW will pay 100% of the employee’s health insurance. And if the employee wants to provide coverage for their partner and/or children, the employee can choose to have those extra family costs withheld (pre-tax) from the employee’s paychecks.

2. RETIREMENT PLAN: DSW offers what is called a “Simple IRA” retirement plan to all employees (which is superior to the “traditional IRA” that most people are familiar with). With DSW’s Simple IRA plan, any employee can choose to withhold up to $14,000 (pre-tax) from their paychecks in 2022, which is automatically deposited in a professionally managed, outside investment fund. In addition, DSW will match the employee’s withholding on a dollar-for-dollar basis, up to a maximum of 3% of the employee’s gross salary.

3. HEALTH SAVINGS ACCOUNTS (HSAs): Any employee can choose to have a personal HSA. If so, the employee may withhold up to $3,650 (pre-tax) in 2022, which the employer deposits into the employee’s HSA debit-card account. This money can be used to pay for almost all medical expenses — most especially prescription drugs, co-pays for visits to a doctor’s office, and deductibles for medical procedures.

4. FLEXIBLE TIME OFF: The organization’s management philosophy is for employees to thrive within clearly defined job descriptions; to have significant latitude with how/when they accomplish their tasks; and to enjoy enormous freedom for when to take time off. This is accomplished through each employee simply counting their hours worked, with each full-time position requiring 1,920 hours per year; knowing this number allows employees to plan for three-day weekends, or two-week vacations, or simply dozens of 37-hour workweeks.

As can be seen from the relatively small staff size — — there isn’t room for upward advancement within the organization. As such, the CM would ideally be motivated by a passion for the organization’s mission and/or the feeling of a job well done, rather than an escalation of titles and authority.

THANK YOU for your interest

If you wish to apply for the Communications Manager position, please carefully follow the instructions that you should have already seen on a previous web page.

Thank you for your interest in Decriminalize Sex Work and its lobbying branch, the Campaign to Decriminalize Sex Work.

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