Uprise RI

“In response to the new federal law that resulted in widespread censorship of websites that include sexual content, a new national organization has formed to repeal this law and decriminalize sex work nationwide.

“The mission of Decriminalize Sex Work is ‘to end the prohibition of prostitution in the United States.’ The organization’s national strategy is to inform the public about the harms caused by prohibition, with a focus on lobbying state governments to remove penalties for adult prostitution and all other forms of consensual sex work is conducted in private.”

Uprise RI (February 3, 2019)


“That candidates are routinely being asked about sex work this election is itself noteworthy. ‘In the last campaign cycle, there were not candidates talking about sex work,’ says Melissa Sontag Broudo, general counsel for Decriminalize Sex Work.”

Reason (February 10, 2020)

The New York Times

“We’ve learned this lesson many times with the prohibition of alcohol, or criminalization of abortion, or even the criminalization of marijuana: The black market creates dark circumstances and provides cover for a lot of violence and exploitation,” said Kaytlin Bailey, a comedian and former prostitute who serves as the spokeswoman for Decriminalize Sex Work, which was founded last year.”

The New York Times (May 31, 2019)


“Bailey said it’s important for lawmakers to push for the decriminalization of sex work, but they must do it right. If they rush a decriminalization law through Congress without listening to experts and advocates — as they did with the SESTA-FOSTA anti-trafficking bills — the end result could do more harm than good. ‘It’s really important to move slowly and carefully because there are a lot of ways to do this wrong,’ Bailey said.”

Truthout (December 18, 2019)