What people are saying about the staff and organization

Crystal DeBoise

Juhu Thukral

“Crystal DeBoise is a dynamic advocate and social worker who brings innovative leadership to institutions and campaigns focused on the human rights of sex workers, LGBTQ people, and immigrants. Crystal is a sought-after expert on trauma, gender-based violence, and stigma. She leads the design of decriminalization frameworks using a unique multidisciplinary lens, calling on perspectives in law, policy, social work, and cultural strategy. Crystal brings a global lens to her advocacy, ensuring a wide reach as she moves ideas into implementation.”

Juhu Thukral, Esq., founder, Sex Workers Project

Suzanne Tomatore

“I’ve collaborated on legal/social service human trafficking cases with Crystal since 2003. We’ve also collaborated on a number of coalitions and public events. Her work has a quality of excellence and she gets real results for her clients. Her public speaking and coalition work is goal oriented and effective.”

Suzanne Tomatore, Esq., New York, NY

Kate Roche

“I met Crystal DeBoise in 2015 when I was working with the production team of HBO’s The Deuce. She helped me tremendously in learning about sex work in NYC, connecting me to sex workers who could inform the show and allowing myself and the actors to spend time in her office and events learning about the issues first-hand. She provided invaluable information and resources for the writers and creative team.”

Kate Roche, writer and filmmaker

Tami VandenBerg

“I’ve known Crystal as an activist and advocate for over 20 years. I’ve seen her activism and organizing efforts in both Michigan and New York. As an activist myself, in the movements of harm reduction, housing first, and drug policy reform, I’ve been extremely impressed with her work in the area of sex work. Her commitment to human rights and knowledge of harm reduction is unmatched amongst most of my colleagues and friends. She has been a fantastic resource for me on these issues.”

Tami VandenBerg, board member, MI Legalize; former director, Well House; former board chair, Grand Rapids Red Project

Melissa Broudo

Jillian Modzeleski

“As a public defender working with survivors of human trafficking, I have relied on Melissa’s expertise for numerous reasons. She has helped connect my clients to necessary services, advocated to Judges and Prosecutors on behalf of clients, and helped educate me on how to better serve this population.  Melissa has an incredibly vast knowledge and understanding of the laws, policies and best practices in this oft changing field.”

Jillian Modzeleski, Esq., public defender and expert in human trafficking intervention courts

Juhu Thukral

“Melissa Broudo is a visionary lawyer and advocate for the human rights of sex workers, LGBTQ people, and immigrants. Since her time as a law student, Melissa has been on the forefront of creating decriminalization frameworks that address the impact of police and immigration surveillance and arrest of sex workers. In addition to her legal acumen, Melissa brings a sophisticated understanding of cultural advocacy and ability to create effective and strategic partnerships.”

Juhu Thukral, Esq., founder, Sex Workers Project

Ceyenne Doroshow

“Mel has been a fierce ally and contributor to the LGBTQIA and sex workers’ rights since her college days. She has focused on the rights of marginalized communities such as transgender individuals and sex workers. With pride I am pleased to say as a former sex worker, now Founder and Director of GLITS, Ms. Broudo has changed my life with her compassion and strength to elevate and restore someone such as myself and by inspiring me to do the same. I’m proud to say I am a true testament to Mel’s legacy of building lives, and I’m honored to say I know her.”

Ceyenne Doroshow, founder and director of GLITS and a leading trans rights and sex workers rights activist

Kaytlin Bailey

Andrea Werhun

“Besides being sharp as hell and funny to boot, Kaytlin is a bright, determined, and compassionate star in the fight for sex work decriminalization and destigmatization.”

Andrea Werhun, author of Modern Whore

Suraj Patel

“Kaytlin has a remarkably nuanced and substantive understanding about the marginalization of sex workers. It’s what makes her so persuasive when she’s communicating with people who are just being introduced to these issues for the first time.”

Suraj Patel, professor of ethics at NYU, 2018 candidate for U.S. Congress

Eurydice Aroney

“As a sex worker rights activist myself I’ve been impressed by Kaytlin Bailey and her dedication to sex worker rights especially in co-producing The Oldest Profession, a stunningly researched podcast series whose contribution to the culture of sex work cannot be overstated."

Eurydice Aroney, senior lecturer in journalism at the University of Technology Sydney, award-winning audio producer

Aspen Matis

“Kaytlin Bailey is eloquent and clear-eyed, a sharp and persuasive advocate for sex workers’ rights — and for human rights. Her arguments and insights are compelling, and deeply moving.”

Aspen Matis, award-winning writer published in The Times, The Atlantic, Tin House, Psychology Today, Salon, and Marie Claire; member of PEN America, RAINN’s Speakers Bureau, and HarperCollins’ Speakers Bureau; an advocate for trauma survivors.

John F. O’Donnell

“Kaytlin’s passion, eloquence, and honesty about the moral imperative of decriminalizing sex work is impossible to argue with. Trust me, I’ve tried.”

John F. O’Donnell, comedian and political correspondent on Redacted Tonight


“Kaytlin is always challenging me to expand my mind and see the world from various points of view. She is thought out, compassionate, and forward thinking. Kaytlin inspires change for a better world.”

Chemda, cohost of Keith & the Girl